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Football Basics - Ground pass techniques

There are five basic techniques could be used to execute a ground pass. The following table summarises the advantages and disadvantages of different types of techniques:

1. Inside of the foot – Push

·         Offers the best accuracy because of the large surface of the boo presented to the ball
·         Easy for defenders to predict
·         Difficult to generate power so it is unsuitable for long passing
·         Difficult to execute on the run because it is impossible to position correctly without interrupting the stride pattern
2. Instep (laces)

·         Easy to disguise intentions
·         Possible to add power and pace to make it available both for long passing and shooting
·         Can be made while running
·         It is a difficult technique to be executed
3. Outside of the foot – flick

·         To be made with the minimum of the foot movement and maximum of disguise
·         Only be used over short distances
4. Outside of the foot – swerve

·         To be used to bend the ball around an opponent
·         Over long distance so it is a valuable shooting technique
·         Be used when running
·         Draw the ball away from the goalkeeper when crossed from a flank
·         The more swerve required, the more difficult it is to execute this technique
5. Inside of the foot – swerve

·         Bent around an opponent
·         Be used over short and long distances
·         The ball can easily be lifted a few inches over a defender’s outstretch legs
·         Great deal of swerve can be imparted
·         Draw the ball away from goalkeeper when crossed from the flank
·         Never go straight, always be spinning, possibly making control more difficult

The best footage I can think of to show the execution of the ground passes to create a goal is the second goal of Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro at the 2006 World Cup. Most of the passes involved were ground passes and some of the techniques they used are not covered in these 5 basic techniques (e.g. back heel pass).


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